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5 Pak "Principles for Empowerment Series"
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In this two-hour lecture, Dr. Anderson describes the true nature of the problem of race, how slavery and Jim Crow produced it, and what must be done to resolve the disparities race created for black America. 

Dr. Anderson also discusses how to practice group economics and group politics, how to redesign schools to produce competitive black children, and how to expand the role of the 
black church to make the group competitive and self-sufficient.

  "A Vision Beyond the Dream"
"Inappropriate Behavior; 
A Roadblock to Empowerment"

Dr. Anderson identifies the handicapping myths and inappropriate behavior of black people. In this two-hour lecture, he also give hundreds of strategies that activities that can help Black America become more self-sufficient and competitive as a group.

"On The Firing Line
with Questions and Answers"

In this 90 minute interview setting, Dr. Anderson answers questions about black history, the role of the Black Civil Rights Movement and elected officials, and the underlying reasons for the strategies he suggests in PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America.

"Reparations; Now or Never"

In this DVD, Dr. Anderson counters many long standing racial myths, details why this nation owes Black American economic reparations, and lays out a model for seeking reparations. This is a two-hour lecture.

"The Power of Blackness;
Recapturing the Gifts of God"

This is a totally different lecture by Dr. Claud Anderson. This two-hour lecture will give black people pride about their blackness and will open your eyes to the science of why blackness is one of the most powerful elements in the universe, the special relationship black people have always had with God and how inappropriate behavior of black leaders legitimizes anti-black attitudes.

Enjoy all 5 DVDs in this Special Packaged Offer
New Recording Now Available
New Recording Now Available
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In this DVD, Dr. Claud Anderson issues a wake-up call to all of America. He urges non-Blacks to understand the interconnectedness of deteriorating Black conditions and the economic health of the entire country. He points out that contrary to politically correct rhetoric and beliefs, Black Americans are not progressing, in fact, over the past 50 years they have regressed under the national public policy of Benign Neglect, an unending influx of legal and illegal immigrants, and abandonment by those who purport to be their leaders. Now, in 2013, Black Americans are this nation’s official underclass, an out-group who by the very nature of their socioeconomic conditions, are pre-destined to live as beggars or criminals. Anderson suggests strategies and programs to uplift Blacks out of their underclass status and give them a chance to survive and prosper. 
Wake-Up Call for America
It is a little know fact of history that slavery could not have existed without the participation of the Five Civilized Indian Tribes (Cherokees, Seminoles, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek Nations), who were slave holders, traders, chasers, and fought on the side of the Southern Confederacy to maintain slavery. After the Civil War, the United States government demanded that the Five Civilized Tribes free all of their Black slaves. The tribes signed the 1866 treaties which mandated that descendants of Black Freedmen/Black Indians be freed, compensated and treated as equal members of the tribes, entitled to all the same benefits. 
“1866 Indian Treaties; 
Benefits Due Black Americans”
"Inappropriate Behavior; A Roadblock to Empowerment"
"A Vision Beyond the Dream"
"On the Firing Line with Questions and Answers"
"Reparations; Now or Never"
"Power of Blackness; Reclaiming the Gifts of God"
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New Recording Now Available
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"1866 Indian Treaties: Benefits Due Black Americans"
"Exceptionalism: The Path to Black Empowerment"
"Wake-Up Call for America"

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